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Driestar Christian University (DCU) offers several Wonderfully Made packages, depending on what package works best for your context, school or church:



Wonderfully Made does not contain workbooks for students.

Terms and conditions regarding package 4
DCU highly values the importance of contextualization of the program in order to achieve a successful and fruitful implementation. Therefore, cultural adaptions must be made. In order to keep the Wonderfully Made vision intact, we set the following terms and conditions regarding tailor-made programs:
1. The tailor-made version must retain the Christian vision on relationships and sexuality as intended by the authors.
2. The tailor-made version must clearly present the vision and concept of the Wonderfully Made.  
3. There is no limit in adjusting words and PowerPoints (photos), but the curriculum and parents booklet should
stay intact for at least 40%.
4. The tailor-made version may be developed differently from the grades and ages as shown in the English
version which will be shared when the offer will have been signed.
5. The tailor-made version must give recognition to the original author and publisher by using the Driestar logo.
6. The tailor-made version will be shared with DCU once finalized.
7. The tailor-made version remains the official property of DCU.  
8. Your organization is not permitted to distribute it and/ or to sell it to any purchaser, but will promote schools
in your country to purchase the program through the DCU website on which it will be offered.
9. Your organization will be granted a royalty for each new school or organization that will purchase the tailor-made version through the DCU website.

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