“I found the Wonderfully Made curriculum to be well designed and relevant. The topic of relationship and sexual education is discussed from a Christian worldview. What impressed me the most is the sensitivity and understanding of the trainers for a need to include a cultural context. The respect they have shown to the Ethiopian culture and readiness to adopt the changes is worth mentioning. The Wonderfully Made curriculum in its contextualized form will help the young generation to be more responsible and God fearing citizens.”

Yonatan Tekie, country director Edify Ethiopia

"Developing a healthy self-image and being able to set your own boundaries: those are the elements from Wonderfully Made that appealed to me. Together with a local team, I have started working on an Indonesian Papuan version of Wonderfully Made, for use in primary education. We contextualize the stories and adapt the wording. We hope the curriculum will help prevent forced sexual contact at a young age and will contribute to a healthier lifestyle later in life."

Wijnanda van Burg-Verhage, education consultant for Lentera in Papua, Indonesia

"It is becoming more important for us as an individual school and for the community of the Verband Evangelischer Bekenntnisschulen (VEBS) to find our own way in the field of sexual education when secular programs are overwhelming."

Michael Pieper, CEO of Georg Müller Schulen, Germany

"Our teachers do not want to teach a special topic with Biblical values just added as an afterthought. The special view, that students are created by God, requires us and them to think in new ways and use excellent materials. Wonderfully Made materials matches these challenges as they are Biblically based, reflective and ready-to-use."

Henryk Hommel, principal of one of the Georg Müller Schulen, Germany

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