Wonderfully Made and Worthwhile

Wonderful children’s book on sex education
How can we support parents and children in the themes of relationships and sexuality? The cheerful picture/ reading and activity book Wonderfully Made and Worthwhile offers a helpful tool to support children and families. It is meant for children aged 8 years and older and it challenges boys and girls to think about their own bodies and feelings. Reading this book can open up lots of possibilities for good conversations within a family. The book is written from a Christian perspective: every child is valuable, created by God. Every person is worth being known, being loved and being protected.

Positive experiences
Thousands of families in the Netherlands are using the Dutch version of Wonderfully Made and Worthwhile in their homes since 2020. Many parents and children are happy with it.

“If you've never talked about it, it becomes a loaded topic in your head, while for such a young child it isn't at all. The text is nice and clear, nice to look at! Very good that there are clear references to other pages. My 9-year-old really enjoyed watching it!” - a mother of 5 children (aged 0-12 years)
“We are all very positive about it. The girls find it very interesting and educational. It is so attractive and concrete. The text activates the children to ask questions, resulting in many worthful conversations. Beautifully worded and explained from the Bible, that you are unique and valuable and that you should therefore be protected!” - a mother of three girls (6-9 years)

Book preview
Download a book preview by filling in the form below. As you can see in the preview the table of contents of Wonderfully Made and Worthwhile includes all themes of RSE (Relationships and Sex Education). The book is about self-image, lasting relationships, social norms and protective behaviours.

The book preview contains only a few pages. Are you interested in more pages and do you see possibilities for the complete English translation and publication of this book? Get in touch with us.

About the author
Elly van der Gouwe is married with four children: two boys and two girls. She is a family counselor, teaches child development at college level and is an educational advisor to Christian schools regarding their sex education programs.

Wonderfully Made curriculum
Wonderfully Made and Worthwhile ties in with the Dutch curriculum for RSE Wonderfully Made. In the Netherlands Wonderfully Made is used by more than 400 Christian schools for primary education. Wonderfully Made is also available in a German edition and a Spanish edition.  

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